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Posted by on May 6, 2011 in Blog, Coloring, Highlights, T-Foil | 1 comment

Are you about to choose the wrong type of foiling?


So you’ve decided you want to make the change: add streaks of color to your hair. After all, it’ll add depth. But should you go with the t-foil or just all around highlights? On the surface, the difference is minimal. But when it comes to everyday styling, the wrong choice could limit your options.

Why go with the T-Foil?
With a t-foil, your hair is colored in cross-sections on the top of your head. Deeper layers of your hair will not have streaks. When worn down, the highlights will show up perfectly. When worn up, however, the highlights won’t show up evenly.

If you wear your hair down most of the time, this may be a great option. The t-foil costs less than a full head of highlights, and provides the same basic look.

Full Highlights—the Versatile Option
With highlights, streaks of color are placed throughout the full head of hair. Whether pulled up or left down, the highlights will have maximum appeal. Although it costs a little more, this option is great for women who want flexibility.


Before you make your decision, consider how you’ve worn your hair in the past and what you plan on doing with your new ‘do.


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